Saturday, January 08, 2011

Too Many Clothes and Laundry!!!

One of the most horrendous of life's jobs is doing laundry. I equate it to having a vasectomy or a root canal. I hate doing it! In accessing this problem, I perused my closet. I definitely have too many clothes. I need to institute the "one in one out" rule in my clothes purchases. If I buy a new sweater, it's never to replace a worn out one; it's because I liked the new one and I still like the old one, too. Same with jeans, shirts and dress clothes. I just like clothes. (And shoes, so Prof gets that naturally, if the "shoe gene" can be passed along.)
I am still wearing shirts I had 20 years ago. They are comfy, and still good, even though they are a little frayed around the neck and there are holes where the cuffs are sewn on.
So now that we have determined that I am a pack rat when it comes to clothes, it is obvious that I can go several weeks without doing laundry. Even though I may look a little shabby as the optimum laundry time approaches, I can still be clean from the skin out.
This leads to mountains of laundry. I just keep piling it up. Then, suddenly I am down to the last pair of skivvies and have to do the dreaded laundry. Which usually amounts to 6 or 8 loads! For one person!
So, yesterday was laundry day, finally. I did it all. All 7 loads. I have it washed, dried, folded, AND put away. I decided to try something new. I put a white clothes basket, and a colored clothes basket in my room where I usually pile all my dirty stuff. I am going to presort this way. And I swear that when a basket is full I will tote it to the laundry room and wash it. I swear!
And while I am grousing about laundry, I have to admit that I hate my laundry room. It's long, narrow and crowded. It's not a very big room, has no place to fold clothes, and my washer and dryer are along one end. They are a stacked unit, which is convenient, because there is no room for a side by side pair. There's no other way to arrange the room to make it more pleasant to be in, so I have to use it the way it is. It's the only room in my house that foresight was not used.
But this room does have a lot of light. One wall faces the back yard and is all windows. So, maybe I should just spend time doing laundry and birdwatching at the same time. Or rabbit watching. And I should quit complaining.


Curley said...

I know how you feel. I have seen your laundry room. It's a big room but no room for anything. Mine is the same way. I do have a place to hang hangers but not with clothes on them so they get put on the door knob then I have to cart them to the bedrooms. No room for folding either so I put them in a basket and fold in the living room. Whites are the only things that get folded. I agree we have too many clothes.

Mellodee said...

Oh my friend, how I understand! In fact, I wrote about laundry myself a while back. I just re-read the post because I was going to include some from that post here. After reading it, I think you might actually enjoy the whole post. So here it is to do the cut and paste thing. Hope you like it!

Jimmie Earl said...

Curley: I don't envy you one bit doing laundry for 4 people. When Tilly worked on Saturdays, I did the laundry. That consumed the whole day. (My kids were so dirty!) You need to teach your guys to do their own!!! Yeah! Like that would work!

Mel: I read your post! What a hoot. You and I agree on so many levels. I don't particularly like to cook either, yet I am a good cook when I do. I don't like to sweep and dust, either. I guess I am not a domestic god! I have too many other things that are more important, like crafting, and reading and working i the yard (during the yard season.) And napping, I can't forget napping. But Alas, they are all dirty jobs and somebody has to do them. Since I have no one else to do them, I am nominated! Drats!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like I need to come for a visit, AGAIN!! And you know I can do it. LOL!!
Clyde The Laundry Man