Sunday, January 02, 2011

I Resolve!

Since beginning the new year, I want to do it right! So, I am making resolutions that I know (read think) that I can keep!

1. I resolve to make sure there is plenty of TP in the bathroom BEFORE I need it.

2. I resolve to continue to procrastinate about almost everything.

3. I resolve to not resolve!

Happy New Year!



Mellodee said...

Perfect resolutions!! Good luck on the TP thing, I've been there and its not a good place!!

Hope your year is lovely, my new friend!

Juan Garcia said...

you comment about the TP is funny. I have the same problem. I remember the Tp only when usually it tooo late. Funny.LOL.

Curley said...

Very funny. I never make resolutions because I never keep them.

Maggie said...

I could support resolutions like this one! But I think Mac would mess with my ability to achieve #1! (LMAO- no pun intended bwahahahaha!)