Friday, January 21, 2011

Feeling Yucky!

I woke up yesterday with a stuffy nose. And my eyes matted some. And my ears plugged up. I blew my nose all day long. The plugged ears came and went. By evening, I though maybe it was just a sinus thing going on with the severe change in the weather. NOT! This morning I feel like crap! I have a cold. A winter cold. I feel like there is fluid behind my ear drums, and it shifts now and then. Sometimes I can hear well, then it shifts, and I can't hear squat. Sometimes, all I can hear is my heartbeat in my ears. My eyes are puffy and feel scratchy, and my nose is running. I am almost out of Puffs, and I have no cough drops. I feel miserable.
Now that the whining part is over, I will go pour myself a HUGE cup of coffee, grab my book and recline in my favorite chair...and alternately read, nap and feel sorry for myself.



Mellodee said...

Oh No, not you too?? Well, one thing I know for sure, you didn't catch it from me!!! I really don't think this kind of a virus can travel through cyberspace! :)

Get plenty of rest, drink fluids, stay warm, and feel better soon! (Of course none of these ever made me feel the least bit better....but maybe they'll work for you!)

Get well quick!

Curley said...

Sorry you feel so yuky. Maybe you need a hot toddy. It probably won't make you feel better but on the other hand, drink enough and you won't care. Get better soon.