Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's on Your Fridge?

I think it's interesting to go into other people's homes and notice what is on their refrigerators. I think you can tell a lot about people by this. For instance, I was at a home recently that had nothing on their fridge door. These people have several children and grandchildren. Where was the art work? Where were the photos? No post-a-notes: nothing! As I looked around their lovely home, I also noticed that there were very few family pictures, and no knick-knacks to speak of. I surmised that these two people must live very regimented, orderly lives.
I, on the other hand, took a gander at my own fridge door. There I found the following:
  • Kiddo's 2010-2011 school schedule
  • Kiddo's January school lunch menu calendar
  • A picture of Curley and her family that has to be at least 3 yrs old
  • An out-of-date call tree and email list for my choir
  • A recipe in my late wife's handwriting for cheese spread
  • A snowman shaped magnetic grocery list
  • A magnetic hook with a fly swatter hanging on it. (a good place cause I can never find it.)
  • A guitar shaped magnet with "Elvis" on it. A souvenir of Graceland
  • A business card for our local transit company with phone number
  • A take out menu for our local Pizza King
  • A picture of my self proclaimed "goddaughter" and her family (2 yrs old)
  • A Christmas card from my son and his wife announcing the impending arrival of my granddaughter who is now almost 2 1/2.
  • And a plethora of clippy magnets awaiting new stuff to be posted.
So what does this array tell me. That I care about people, and that I obviously don't mind having a cluttered fridge door. It is a reminder of all that is good now, and was good then. My life is not regimented and orderly, but it sure is fun!



Mellodee said...

At first glance I thought your post was going to be about what was IN your fridge. EEK! The inside of my fridge is frightening. I hardly ever go in there! Bottles of who knows what, plastic tubs full of "OMG, I made that weeks ago!!", and containers full of "Yuck, what IS that??"

The OUTSIDE of my fridge is much less embarrassing. Well, except for the list of out of date phone numbers, the 3 year old calendar, and the empty magnetic picture frame.

Uhhhmmm, can we talk about something else? :)

Jimmie Earl said...

With a 17 yr old in the house, you can imagine that the inside of my fridge gets recycled pretty often, though I just noticed a "science experiment" lurking clear in the back down low where I must have missed it.
But the outside is interesting. Just don't ever look at the top. It's a place that never gets a cleaning rag doused with 409!

Curley said...

I totally get the top of the fridge thing. Mine didn't get cleaned till we had to get a new fridge. As for the scary stuff on the inside, I try to throw out all the leftovers on Sunday of each week. Then we start over.