Monday, January 17, 2011

What I Read #5

Apaches by Lorenzo Carcaterra: The "Apaches," A group of former cops, forced to retire due to injuries received while on duty in NYC, get together to find a missing 12 year old girl. What they find is a drug cartel led by one notorious lady. The Apaches are determined to bring her down!
Author Carcaterra knows just how to take hold of a reader and not let go. I was up until the wee hours of the morning finishing this spine chilling, sometimes gruesome thriller.
Note: this is not a book for the faint-of-heart!

Happy reading,


Dee said...

I told my husband about this one and he said he would like to read it. I will see if I an find it for him. Thanks. Dee

Jimmie Earl said...

Dee: Again, thanks for commenting, and recommending this novel to your hubby. Since it was published in 1997, and if it isn't on your library bookshelves, a used bookstore might be your best bet. Tell hubby that there are parts of this one that will actually turn his stomach. He will wonder how people can be so cruel. But it's a good one!