Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I Read #7

Calder Storm by Janet Dailey: Another in the Calder saga by Dailey. Trey Calder, heir apparent to the Calder fortune meets pro photographer Sloan Davis. After a whirlwind courtship, the two are married. What happens next is embroiled in the old feud between the Calders of Montana and the Rutledges of Texas. I haven't read a Calder novel for a long time. This one was just like the rest of the ones I had read, though. Only the times have changed. Very predictable, and I knew exactly what was going to happen at the end, even before it happened.
I thought I wanted a change from the thriller, mystery stuff that I had been reading. I was welcoming a change, but now I think I want to get back to something a little less sappy!
However, the area where this book took place is the exact area I visited two years ago in Montana. I was in Miles City and in the surrounding countryside. I will have to give author Dailey credit. Her descriptions of the Big Sky country are right on! It has to be the most hauntingly beautiful territory I have ever seen.

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