Saturday, January 01, 2011

What I Read #1

Fallen Idols by J F Freedman: Walt and Jocelyn Gaines are archeologists given the responsibility for the unearthing of a Mayan ruin in Central America. Jocelyn is accidentally murdered by a band of anti-government insurgents. The couple's three adult sons want to find out just what happened. The three of them get involved in their own investigation and what they finally uncover is disturbing and mind blowing.
Once again, Freedman captures the reader on the very first page and doesn't release him or her until the very last word.

Note: I intended to finish this book before the new year so I wouldn't end on a book number 113, but with it being New Year's Eve and having a bunch of young people gathered eating snacks and having a bit of cheer, I just had to party a little bit. So, hopefully the number 13 will bring me luck. It always has; I was born on a 13th day, which happened to also be Mother's Day!

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Curley said...

I say since you read most of it in 2010 you should count it there.