Sunday, September 04, 2011

Angst and Anger?

a feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish.

a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath.

Kiddo planned to come home, allegedly, for the long weekend. Then he found out that he had classes on Labor Day, so he would have to cut the weekend end short, but home he came. He. like every other college kid, brought home his dirty laundry. But that's not all he brought home. He brought home ATTITUDE. I mean attitude that I have never experienced from him since he was born way back in 1993. A few minutes into our visit, I found out all the things that were wrong with the college. It was too religious, it was hypocritical, the students in his dorm were a bunch of duds, too conservative, and unable to think for themselves. The food in the cafeteria was crap, and he was sorry he went there. He likes his classes, the challenges, the instructors, and being independent. And someone stole his phone.
I felt like I didn't even know this kid. And I felt like I knew nothing. I thought about the religious college I attended, and thought it couldn't be any worse than that. And I know times have changed, and a lot of Christian colleges are becoming more liberal. I figured that was the way his college was. Evidently not. At least not in Kiddo's eyes and mind.
Then he began to "rag" on his mom. Everything that has gone wrong in the last two weeks, somehow became her fault. Like she had any control over his class load, his getting along in the dorm, or anything else he had done, or not done since he'd been gone.
I tried very hard to keep my mouth shut. He was not aiming his venom at me. BUT, I have always been of the mind that you can say what you want to me, but you'd better not mess with my "chicks." I didn't like the way he spoke to Prof. I expressed myself as such, but Prof said to just keep it to myself and let him get everything off his chest.
Evidently, he really pissed her off and got on that "one last nerve" because all at once he went stomping out of the house, and left with friends. I was in bed when he got home, so I don't know what else transpired, but he went back to school early Saturday. At Mom's request!!!
He doesn't have a job, and claims that he just can't work "working" into his schedule. Fiddle sticks! He's out of class every day at noon. That includes chapel time, too. On campus jobs pay minimum wage, and even if he would work, it would only be about 7 hours a week. But that would give him spending money. Mom doesn't have it, and she has practically walked through fire to get him into college and ready with everything he needs. Without any monetary help from his dad.
I guess my biggest gripe about the whole thing is that Kiddo seems to think the world should revolve around him and his wants and desires. And at some point this attitude has to come to a screeching halt. He must realize that not everyone shares his liberal ideas and attitudes, and that maybe, just maybe, there really are two sides to everything.
I was angry. Not so much so that I exploded to Kiddo, but this anger smoldered until it has now become angst.


Mellodee said...

Oh man, kids can be such a pain. I feel badly for you and your daughter. I know she was looking forward to his long weekend at home. Just because they reach 18 (or so) and go off to college doesn't make them into princes if they were toads before!

Actually this sounds more like he was a prince before he left and came home a toad!!!


Lilith said...

I'm curious, what kind of research did he do about the Conservative Christian college he is going to?

I had a feeling, that someone as liberal as him would never be happy at a place like that.

I know they have great programs for what he wanted, but it sounds to me like he didn't do his research on the way the college worked outside the classroom.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that as he settles into the routine, that his attitude will also settle down.