Thursday, September 08, 2011

Scents, senses, and such

Bear with me here. I have these thought rambling around in the gray matter and need to put them down where I can read them.
Have you ever noticed that certain scents remind you of something or someone? There is this weed that grows between the cracks in my sidewalk out front, that when I pull it out, it gives off an odor that reminds me of being at my grandparent's farm. I wonder if they had the same weed growing near the house or something.
The smell of roses brings back memories of my mom. Her house always smelled of roses. Especially her bathroom. Prof tracked the aroma down to coming from some rose-shaped hand soaps and lotion. Nevertheless, that smell has always been Mom's.
The smell of cinnamon and chocolate bring back memories of my late wife's kitchen, and I long for the smell of Estee's Youth Dew, which was Tilly's favorite scent. Our noses work in mysterious ways, don't they.
When I took my trash out this morning, I could smell "something" in the air that brings to mind the upcoming Autumn season. Fall is definitely in the air today. At least in the middle of Indiana. That of course means the heightening of other senses, especially in my kitchen.
Autumn means chili, potato soup and other culinary delights. After a hot summer season of grilling outside, salads, and cool or cold meals, I can hardly wait until we (Prof and I) fill the kitchen, and even the whole house with the fragrant smells of Autumn. I began the "season" yesterday evening by fixing pan fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fried apples and corn. This happens to be my family's favorite "cool weather" meal. Next to that would be Prof's take on her mom's chili. I can almost taste it now. But the real "soup winner" would be Tilly's wonderful potato soup. I have never been able to reproduce it, and she must have taken the recipe with her to her eternal rest, or else she never wrote it down and made it by rote. I will try again this year. Maybe she will smile on me instead of laugh at me! LOL!
Then there is the smell of bayberry, pine and such. The smells of Christmas. Did you know that there are only 107 shopping days until Christmas? Perish that thought, but I do love the sights, sounds, and smells of the Christmas season. I love the pine boughs, the candles giving off those special holidays scents, and the beautiful decorations. I like decorating, and the gift giving and the celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. I am just so not ready yet. That also means extreme cold weather, snow and ice. But it also brings the sounds of laughter, joy, the smell of woodsmoke in the air and the clean smell of new fallen snow.
Spring is my favorite season. Not only do I enjoy the rebirth of everything after the long winter's solstice, I enjoy the smell of new flowers, damp earth. I enjoy the singing of the birds, and even the buzzing of insects as they flit from bud to bud. Warmer temps after cold weather is a delight, as well as the feel of the sun on my skin.
There you have it. My rambling on and on about scents, senses. I hope each of you experience your favorite scents and senses to their fullest.



Mellodee said...

Lovely! A scent can bring back a memory faster than anything else. Shalimar perfume was the only scent my late cousin, Sherry, ever wore. So smelling Shalimar brings back Sherry vividly.

There are lots of scents I love, the smell of the ocean (when it's not too fishy!), baby powder, a wood fire (considering our recent brush with wildfires I'd best clarify!) in a fireplace with a good screen, and of course, various foods cooking.

I have read that the sense of smell is the last one to go. I am glad of that!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Jimmy Earl!! Well, darn, it's so nice to meet you. I found you over on Mellodee's blog and you were so dear to her! She needed some kind words and you gave them to her in abundance. I'm just here to tell you that I think you are one GREAT guy!

Curley said...

Very well written. Makes me think of my Grandpa,(gone more than 35 yrs) and when I smell a certain pipe tobacco.