Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My "Never On Sunday" (or any other day) List

My good blog buddy Mel, over at "Mellodee's Musings" (sorry Mel, I can never remember how to to that highlight the http thingy) published a list of things she had never done, then challenged me to do the same. She and I declare that we were "twins separated at birth" we're so alike in our thinking and doing, and I further believe it. The numbered things are what was on her list and would be on mine to. Unnumbered things at the end of the list are my additions, and I would almost bet she could say that she hasn't done some of them either. Let the fun reading begin:(Understand that the ( ) remarks are mine, but could also be Mel's. I changed them if necessary.)

3. Never played at a water park.
4. Never been to New York City.

5. Never been on a trail ride.
6. Never seen the Grand Canyon.
8. Never served on a jury.
9. Never been on a cruise.
10. Never seen Lakes Huron, Ontario, Superior, (only seen Michigan and Erie.)

11. Never bought a thing from Bloomingdale's, Tiffany's, or Abercrombie & Fitch.
13. Never learned another language. (Sorry Senor Saxon, but I learned only a tiny bit of Spanish in your class.)
14. Never gone to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.
17. Never been in a helicopter.
20. Never even attempted to bake a pie.
22. Never been to a Haunted House on Halloween. (Or any other time!)
23. Never been to any of the Pacific Northwest states. (I hear tell that it rains all the time!!)
25. Never learned to "spot". (It's a dance term.)
26. Never played a musical instrument. (I play "at" the piano and organ, but that's not the same thing at all!)
28. Never been skiing. (That's OK, I'd probably fall off the mountain.)
29. Never got a tattoo. (Yet, Just in case you were wondering.)
30. Never been arrested. (Actually I could have been arrested a few times, but was lucky!)

Never flown in a small plane.

Never stayed in a really “posh” hotel.

Never played a team sport.

Never been to Disney World in FL.

Never been in those middle US states where the wind blows all the time.

Never won anything, ever.

Never been first at anything, (except in lunch line as a grade schooler.)

Never seen Mt. Rushmore.




Mellodee said...

I wonder if it's possible for two people who have never met to be living the same life separated only by gender, distance, and circumstance??

Silly question!

Let's see, of your additions,five of them could be added to my list. "Which five?" you ask? (pr even if you didn't!)

You can add small planes,team sports, middle states, luxury hotels,and Mt. Rushmore to our "sameness".

I bet there are more!

Curley said...

I have baked a pie, been in a small plane and won some money on a scratch-off lottery ticket. Those are the only 3 things I have done on your list.

Bamfoy said...

Ah well, you can't do everything!

I hope you can fill some of those aspirates out some time or another.