Monday, September 05, 2011

I just needed a facelift.

Hey blog readers and fan club!
I just needed a facelift on here. So I searched around blogland and found this one. Not sure this is the one I will keep, but it is here for now. It reminds me of my Grandpa and Grandma B's house. They actually had one of those phones that hung on the wall. I could never reach it. By the time I was tall enough, Ma Bell had exchanged it for a desktop dial cradle phone. Ah! Those were the days!


Note to Tallguy: Did you save my music background for my blog somewhere? If not, when I need it again, I will have you redo it. If so, where the he** is it?

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Jimmie Earl said...

Actually, the first background, or the one I mentioned here was very hard to read over, so ignore the stuff about my grandpas and the phone. I changed it!