Saturday, September 10, 2011

More about scents!

Yesterday, on a quest for the perfect frock for my granddaughter's third birthday gift, I stopped by the perfume counter at a major department store. I wasn't buying, I just wanted to smell some of the fragrances for men. (I am trying to get away from "Old Spice.")
Let me tell you, there is a plethora of them. The perky gal behind the counter described them to me as she sprayed a sample on these tiny pieces of paper, then waved them in the air. Egads! I guess they don't spray them on your wrist anymore. There were woodsy, earthy, fruity, and moss, and air and ocean breeze! (Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!)
I found a couple I sort of liked, so I carried those papers with me, finally jamming them into the pocket of my jeans.
This morning I am sitting in my chair and asked Prof, "What is that smell? Did you spray air freshener or something." No she didn't, but what ever it was, was making the back of my throat feel raw. I looked around, and there, on the table right next to my chair,(where I emptied my pockets) were those two sample papers. I know I don't want to spend my money on either one of those scents, and they should never be combined! Ugh!
Maybe my Old Spice isn't so bad after all!

"Scentously" yours,


Mellodee said...

Sometimes the tried and true is best after all. My dad lived his whole life using Aqua Velva!! It became his "signature scent"!! LOL!!

Mikey rarely uses an aftershave and never a scent. I don't miss it!

Most times people just drench themselves in the stuff....makes it hard to breathe!

I will occasionally use a very light scent of pear, but that's it. No cloying, heavy, overdone scents for me. I think clean is the best scent!!


Curley said...

Not to mention probably a whole lot less expensive.