Monday, July 25, 2011


What is with elastic these days. Almost daily for the last week, every pair of boxers that I put on after my shower has lost the elasticity in the waist band. What is happening? Of course! It's because I started using a laundry booster, or changed fabric softeners. Or maybe it's just because most of said undies probably are older than some of you readers out there. Any way, it's annoying , not to mention that it's going to be expensive to replace those favorite boxers that have bit the dust.
Does this sound like a personal problem? Well, I suppose it does. They sure don't make underwear like they used to. (Now maybe it's even better.) Guess I'll be finding out soon.


Mellodee said...

They don't make ANYTHING like they used to!! LOL!

Sorry about your elasticity problem. When elastic is meant to hold up your undies, it's pretty critical that it work! Otherwise, folks might think you're trying for the "hip hop" look being sported by those poor misguided young men with their pants at half mast!! It doesn't look good on them and certainly wouldn't look good on you! :)

Curley said...

Or maybe it's because you lost so much weight? Yeah, I'd go with that one. Boy, I hope you don't have boxers older than me. That would be really old.

Jimmie Earl said...

No Curley, they're not older than you, but I can guarantee you that the failed ones I have had longer than I have known you. Does that count?
FTL and Hanes have both slipped in the undie department as far as I am concerned! That will teach them to send jobs to Bangladesh or Taiwan, or wherever else they are outsourcing to. Geesh!

Curley said...

Ok, if your undies lasted longer than I've known you then you sure got your money's worth. Ladies undies, you're lucky if they last a year.