Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Facebook: Friend or Foe

I can't decide if I like "Facebooking" or not. It starts out fun, then you get someone on there that thinks their opinion is the only right one, and they start pissing people off.
Such was this morning. I reposted (at the request of another) the Pledge of Allegiance. Then asked for people to repost in support of not taking the word "God" out of the pledge, and not removing the Pledge from schools. Well, I heard from several people who "liked" my post, and even from a veteran who said he "fought for the right to say 'one nation, under God.'" I didn't do this to piss people off. Then, a former friend (can a friend be former and still be a friend) whom I haven't seen for over 20 years, but who sent me a friend request, got all crappy about which "god" was I referring to, and we need a republican "god" and so on. Now I am steamed! Can I unfriend this guy? He has always been a "die-hard" liberal, but this was going too far in my opinion. And it is MY Facebook page. And Facebook is supposed to be for fun. This ceased to be fun when a war of words broke out. Now I am faced with either letting it go on and on, or "unfriending" this liberal jackass. What I have done was enter a comment for said jackass to "give it up. This is one argument you won't win on Facebook." Knowing him, this won't be enough. I am wishing now that I had never said anything about the Pledge in the first place. I also understand Jackass's right to say what he feels, and my right to say what I feel. This is not fun anymore.

Peace (on Facebook soon)


Curley said...

I would say you have 3 options. #1 is unfriend him, #2 is don't read anything else he writes and #3 Don't write anything else about the subject.

Jimmie Earl said...

The guy pissed me off just enough that I unfriended him, then went into Facebook and took off the entire post. I should have known better than to put such a controversial subject on there in the first place.
Like I said that is MY Facebook page and I want it just for fun.