Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grammatically Incorrect

It bugs the heck out of me to be caught either speaking or writing grammatically incorrectly. I must use the right tense of verb, and I must never end a sentence with a preposition. I have to spell correctly and use correct punctuation. I am obsessive about this.
When I write an e mail to someone, even my friends, I spend a lot of time using the "backspace" key to either correct my spelling, or typographical errors. I correct even the tiniest mistakes. Why do you suppose I do this?
Could it be from teaching proper grammar and correct usage of the English language for so many years? Could it be that my mom was a teacher and insisted that my brother and I write and speak correctly, or is it just being OCD?
It also irritates (read bugs the heck) me to read a novel, that I paid good money for, that contains misspelled words or grammar errors. Where are the editors that novelists pay megabucks?
I also get a little peeved at receiving e mails that have typos and grammar errors in them. I think it shows that people who know better are just in too big of a hurry these days. They really do care, they just don't take or have the time to correct.
Okay, now there you have it. One of my LITTLE idiosyncrasies. But don't stop writing to me just because of my little hangup. I'll get over it!



booknut said...

I'm exactly the same way. I've read quite a few books where they have misspelled words or used the wrong name when referring to a character. I always think that I could have done a better job editing.

Anonymous said...

OK, first sentence has "grammatically incorrectly", and farther along there is "e mail" wirhout the dash. What would MJ think!!?

Jimmie Earl said...

Hey Anon: I looked both up and they are correct. And, Mr. Smarty pants, (yes I know who you are) e mail can be referred to with either a dash or not! So there!! HA!
MJ would not criticize, she would just be happy that one of her sons had the nerve to get on the internet and try to write something, even if it was grammatically incorrect.
How's the weather in TX? Looks kinda hot to me. (Note the word kinda..see even I can use slang correctly.) LOL