Thursday, July 07, 2011

The "Rut" Most Taken

I am finding, with retirement, that I seem to be falling into a rut. It's not a long fall, either. I think it sometimes can be a pleasant rut, too. I get up, eat the same thing for breakfast that I ate yesterday, go for my walk (added recently) then come home, jump into the shower, dress, pour my coffee, and head for the computer. I scan my e mails received over night, answer any that need to be responded to, relegate most to my spam file, and delete the rest. Then I check my blog roll to see if any of my "blog buddies" have posted. If so, I read them, and comment accordingly. Moving onto the "favorites" icon, I scan the local funeral home's web site to make sure I haven't missed the passing of someone I know. (Morbid? A little. Necessary? Yes.)
Now, it is time to refill my coffee cup, grab either my latest "in progress" novel, or handwork and head to my recliner. Sometimes, I listen to music, or I listen to whatever "music" my 18 year old grandson has blaring from the "attic."
On specified days (not necessarily the same ones each week) I do laundry, and clean. And cut the grass and weed the flower beds (if it's not to hot.) With Prof and Kiddo living with me, I don't have to empty the dishwasher (Kiddo's job) or load it (Prof's job) or take out the trash(again Kiddo's job) or cook much (alternate with Prof), so this makes my rut really comfortable.
Most days this rut is okay with me. Others, not so okay. I have been asked by other retirees if I want to volunteer at different places. So far, I just smile and say, "no thanks." I worked for 50+ years, and I just want to take it easy, go for my walk in my comfortable rut, and enjoy life without being caught up in the hustle-bustle of a world that is moving much too rapidly for me to keep up with.
Am I getting older? You bet, but as I age, I want to take time to STOP and smell the roses, (that just happen to be growing beside my "rut.")



Curley said...

I think I am in some of the same rut and there is nothing wrong with that. I find that if I change my rut/routine, I will forget to take my meds. Thank goodness I no longer have to take birth control.

Jimmie Earl said...

Yes, Curley,
There is some silver lining to growing older. Being past procreation age certainly takes the worry out of being close! LOL! You crack me up!
I like my "rut" just the way it is. As long as I have good friends like you to stroll down that same rut with me. Thanks for caring so much! My whole family adores you!

booknut said...

Yes, we DO adore Curley! :)
And any time you want to get out of your "rut," just come on over. The kids will entertain you for a while! LOL.