Saturday, July 23, 2011

"Pot" Luck

Tonight Prof had to work and Kiddo was home with me. I decided I needed more than a sandwich for supper, so I cooked boneless pork chops, potato quarters and green beans in the same skillet. When Prof and Little Bro were young and at home, this was their favorite meal.
Well, Kiddo came to the kitchen and filled his plate. He ate a generous portion of all, which is what I wanted to see. I don't think the kid had eaten all day. After he was done, while taking his plate and utensils to the sink, he thanked me for the meal. Then he said that he usually didn't care much for pork chops, but mine were really good cooked that way. He said that his step mom used to fix them and she never seasoned anything, so they were bland. If he dared to salt or pepper anything, he got yelled at for insulting her cooking. What!!!! Who does that???
He also added that her roasts were "crap" but that his mom made a fantastic roast. He said that she added stuff like bay leaves, salt, wine and other goodies to make her roasts good.
So I guess you could say that Prof's pot roast, and my "all-in-one-pot" pork chops brought us luck!
I think I'm going to miss these "Kiddo Moments" when he goes to college.


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Curley said...

That sounds so nice. So does the meal. Wanna come cook for me?