Friday, July 01, 2011


Note: I stole this from my blog friend Mellodee, over at "Mellodee's Musings." She is a person with whom I have a lot in common and would like to meet for coffee (or tea) some time and just chat away the hours:

I AM... Sleepy! Or maybe Grumpy, possibly even Bashful, but I'm definitely NOT DOPEY!

I WANT... a good med/well steak, I’ve had a craving lately.

I HAVE... always had a hard time making friends. It's one of my biggest regrets.

I WISH I COULD... spend some time in Nova Scotia by the ocean. I have never been, but want to go.

I HATE... Hypocrites and liars!!

I DON’T REMEMBER...many good things about my High School years.

I LOVE... my family and friends.

I DANCE... by myself in my living room when no one is there.

I SING... all the time! Like no one can hear me.

I NEVER...have been farther than Mexico (Tijuana) and Canada (Niagara Falls).

I RARELY... dislike solitude, but I hate being lonely.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH...movies with bittersweet endings

I AM NOT ALWAYS... the person I wish I was!

I HATE THAT … My mate passed years before her time.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … all things technical!

I NEED … to get involved in some activity that would get me out of the house more.

I SHOULD … get back in the habit of attending church regularly. I have shied away since the loss of our pastor.

I DON'T ... believe how fast the days and weeks and years go by!


Mellodee said...

JE, you and I HAVE to get together the next time you are in Texas, and have coffee (or tea) and "jaw." We have so much in common, we'd better pick a place where they won't kick us out immediately after we finish our coffee, (or tea.)

(Hmmmmm, are we caught in a time loop here?? It all sounds so familiar! LOL!)


Dee said...

Church would be really good for you but I do understand the loss of your pastor leaves a big hole. I have a few good memories of high school but never was so glad to exit a place as I did high school.It is nice that you sing all the time...very good sign of a nice guy.