Saturday, July 23, 2011

What I Read #55

One Summer by David Baldacci: Beautifully written, Baldacci tells the story of Jack Armstrong and his family. Jack is struck down in the prime of his life with a strange disease, of which there is no cure. He is only hoping to hang on until after Christmas. The tragedy of the utmost strikes. Jack's wife is killed in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve.
One Summer is the story of Jack, his children and a miracle witnessed by all. Along with them, is Jack's best friend and mentor, Sammy Duvall. Going back to Jack's late wife's home in South Carolina is a journey into dealing with grief and healing for everyone.
This story, which is a real change from the type of novels David Baldacci usually writes, touched my heart. I could feel Jack's pain as he had to deal with his grief. I too have had to deal with the same type of grief. I could also relate to Jack being blamed for his wife's death by her mother. I too had to deal with a bitter, spiteful mother-in-law after my wife's death.
Healing is hard. Jack handled it like another human. Some days better than others.
This is a wonderful story. Maybe not for everyone, but it certainly touched me.

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Mellodee said...

I totally agree! I loved this book. I don't read thrillers much anymore (I overloaded on Ludlum and Clancy and the like a few years ago). Anyway I hadn't read any of his stuff until the Christmas book he put out last year. (Sorry I can't remember the name at the moment.) It was wonderful too! I hope he keeps writing in this vein. I'll read everything he writes that's not a spy/murder/terrorist kind of thing! I hope he writes more of these lovely, touching books.