Friday, July 22, 2011

What I Read #54

Nickel-Plated Soul by Ronald Tierney: Deets Shanahan is a 70 yr. old Private Eye living and working in Indianapolis. Hugh Dart, his client just got out of prison where he spent 30 years for murdering his wife. Hugh doesn't think she's dead, 'cause he didn't kill her. He wants Deets to find her.
This was a fun read for me. Obviously one reason is because Deets is close to my age, and I can sympathize with his aches and pains, especially in the morning. Secondly, Deets lives and works in Indianapolis, and since I am in Indiana, I know where things are that are mentioned in he book.
Author Tierney is originally from Indiana so he knows the area and what he describes is "real."
A fast paced novel, Nickel-Plated Soul will have you smiling, and frowning, as you enjoy every page.

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