Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Date

Those of you who have read me for a while know that last summer I received a phone call, (go here if you need to refresh your memory). It was from a lady in a "sort of" nearby town whom I had never met. She had met my brother and sister-in-law recently and they suggested that she give me a call. She caught me unawares, but after talking to her, and calling my brother for confirmation, I thought I should probably give her a call. I never did. I received 2 letters from her over the course of the summer and fall. I didn't respond. About a month ago I decided that it was time to at least be courteous and respond to her letters.(after much heckling from my own personal "peanut gallery.") I immediately received a letter back (containing a Valentine). She was going to be in my town on such and such a day and wanted to know if I wanted to have dinner with her that evening before she went home. I was under no obligation whatsoever, and it was completely up to me. I was to call her and let her know either way. So, I called her. She wasn't home, so I left a message saying I would call her back. Before I had a chance to call back, she called me. We made arrangements to meet for dinner at a local restaurant on her route.
We met in the parking lot. We went inside and had a nice dinner. We visited. Several times she mentioned that "we" should do this or that together. I felt pushed. I also felt outclassed. She is a well educated high school English teacher. She teaches advanced students. She talked about things I have never heard of being done in a classroom. As the evening progressed, I felt more and more uncomfortable. It was a first date, I understand that. But I felt nothing!
Now what do I do? I haven't called her or written to her. She is a nice person, but I feel that she is not for me. Oh, the decisions we have to make, even as adults. I guess I could ask my 17 yr old grandson for dating advice...NOT!

Peace (really???)


Anonymous said...

Just send her a nice note of thanks, and let it go at that. And as well as I know you, you don't need to feel any less of a person 'cause you're not. Nobody suggested it was going to be anything more than.........what? A time out of the house to chat over coffee.

Curley said...

Ok, it does sound like she is pushy. Maybe a little. A note thanking her might be a nice idea but also tell her that at this time (even though you enjoyed meeting her), you are not ready to get involved with anyone. The fact that you felt more uncomfortable as the evening progressed is a sure sign of that.