Friday, February 04, 2011

What I Read #11

Deep Pockets by Linda Barnes: Another in the Carlotta Carlyle mystery series. In this story, Wilson Chaney, a Harvard professor, is being blackmailed. To stop this, and not let his innermost secrets come out and jeopardize his tenure at Harvard, Chaney hires Carlotta to find the blackmailer.
Of course, in the process of doing her duty, Carlotta calls on her tenant, the weird Roz, as well as her cohort, Gloria. Action abounds, coupled with a few dead bodies, as well as graft and corruption. A typical Barnes read, Deep Pockets will keep you entertained. Curl up with a cup of your fav coffee or tea, and enjoy!

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Note: Cover shown here is from the paper back printing. I read it in hardcover. The cover is entirely different; the story is the same!

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