Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I Read #19

On The Grind by Stephen J. Cannell: One word sums up this Shane Scully mystery, and that word is WOW! Shane gets fired from the LAPD. He seeks police work in an LA suburb called Haven Park. There he falls into a world of racism, graft, and corruption, both in the PD, and in the political regime of the town. From high speed chases on city streets, to shoot outs on the desert, this novel holds the reader in suspense right up to the very last page.
The only detail I found unbelievable, and mind you, I am no expert, but the physical beatings some of the characters take, are seeming physically impossible to sustain and still be alive!
Again, I feel badly that author Cannell is no longer with us. When I have read all his novels, I am sure I will feel a sense of loss. Cannell was a master at story telling. On the Grind is no exception!

Happy Reading,

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Curley said...

Something tells me that I should make another trip to the used book store to pick up some oh his books, cause you make them sound so good.