Sunday, February 20, 2011

Page Designs

Help! I am sick and tired of this page design. I keep changing colors (it's gray and gloomy out today, thus the gray gloomy color) and I change fonts. But I would like a design that is truly ME. I know there are designs that I can buy, but I don't want to pay for one. I am too tight with my $$ for that. I also know there is a way to design my own, but I am not computer language savvy enough to do that. I look at other blogs and wonder where they get the neat designs they use. Then, I look at some, and think that mine looks pretty good in comparison. I found a couple of music images on Google images that would make good backgrounds on a blog, but they are probably copyrighted and unusable.
So, if any readers can help me, or are willing to talk (plain English, please) me through the steps to create my own design, let me know.
Hey Curley, TallGuy should be able to help me with this. Just think, he could create blog designs and sell them and make a living and wouldn't even have to get dressed or leave his warren! Tell him I said to "get right on that." LOL!


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Jimmie Earl said...

I started fooling around blogger and this is what I found. How do you like it so far?