Monday, February 14, 2011


Okay, I know that I am from a different generation and probably some of you think I live under a rock or in a cave, so let's just forgo the span of time thing!
I TRIED to watch the Grammy awards last night. Note, I said "tried." I was in awe of the special effects that the singers used. Bright flashing lights, fire, dancers, etc. Act after act, beautiful choreography, though you had to be about 13 to keep up with them. My, the agility. Then I really started listening to the singing. And, now I know why they use special effects! They CAN'T sing! And the costumes! Why, I saw more skin on the stage last night than I would have if i had opened a Victoria's Secret catalog.
I can remember the Grammy's when the performers simply walked out on stage, grabbed a Mike and sang. They had either canned background, or their band. Choreography was "in sync" with each other, and the music was actually music, not noise like I heard last night. Remember the "Temptations?" Now those guys could dance and sing.
Lady Gaga won! Her acceptance speech was too long and monotonous! I was embarrassed for her. She looked stupid and sounded it! I will now refer to her as Lady Gag-ya!
So, since Kiddo, Prof, and her boyfriend were all in my great room watching TV, and had no place else to watch, and they seem to like this sort of "legal porn," I went to my room, read some craft magazines, then switched to my novel and read until midnight.
Oh how I miss the days of Diana Ross and the Supremes, Whitesnake, Heart, Meatloaf, Joe Cocker and the rest. Now that was music.

Peace, (well maybe)



Mellodee said...

Absolutely 100% right on the money!! That's entertainment?? Not for me! A Grammy used to mean excellence in musical accomplishment, if what is getting Grammys these days is excellence, the word doesn't mean what I thought it did!!

Those who run the Grammys should be brave enough to say there will be no award in [these] categories, because there was nothing done that deserves an award for excellence!!

Jimmie Earl said...

Amen, Sister blogger!


Curley said...

Unfortunally in this day and age you have to have a "gimmick" not talant to get notice. And that is so sad. I did not watch the show and now I'm glad that I didn't.