Monday, February 07, 2011

Tagging (I think)

I just got home from a quick trip downtown. Real quick since the library, which was my destination, was closed for inventory. Anyway, I had to wait on a train (so what else is new in this town) and enjoyed watching the boxcars go by with the artistic graphics spray painted on the sides. I think in today's world this defacing of private property is called "tagging." It was interesting to watch the different styles of artwork, be it sloppy single spray can daubing, or the more sophisticated lettering with lots of personality. I don't know where these budding artists hang out, but they should be working in the shops that do "air brush" art. There is a real talent being wasted out there. Well, maybe not wasted, because it kept me entertained for a few minutes. The train happened to be moving pretty fast, so I couldn't always read what was written, just a combo of letters. But, you know, I didn't see any "bad" words, either.
Is there a section of the Guggenheim dedicated to this?

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Curley said...

I love to watch the trains when they go by. Some of the stuff that is painted on the side of them is really beautiful. I guess they say it's a crime, but I think the train companies should pay those people to paint their cars. Sure beats what they usually look like.