Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I can think of a lot of offensive four-letter words, but right now, none of them is as offensive to me as S-N-O-W. I've had enough. We have gotten so much of the white stuff that I can't remember what grass even looks like. I don't think we've seen bare ground since Thanksgiving.
Right as I type, my area is under a winter storm watch. Last night we got another 5 inches of the stuff, and right now we are in the middle of a "lull" with another wintry blast headed our way destined to smack us up the side of the proverbial head beginning sometime this afternoon and hopefully ending tomorrow evening. I have even heard the words "historic amounts of snow" coming over the TV. I hope the weatherman is so wrong.
Along with this, Kiddo's school was canceled once again. The poor kid will probably graduate sometime in the middle of the summer instead of late May! My snow blower refuses to start, even though I put a new spark plug and new gasoline/oil mix in yesterday and pulled the starter cord until my back hurts. Prof called the guy with the snow blade that removes snow for me if it's a lot, and he will send one of his crew to me sometime today. They are very busy.
Mother Nature is reeking havoc on us right now. There is a positive, though. The melting runoff from all of this will fill the reservoirs around us making the fishermen happy. That's fine for them, but I don't fish and I don't shovel. I think I need a cup of coffee and a good book, cause it looks like I sure ain't goin' anywhere today!


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Mellodee said...

I am so sorry that this is continuing for so long! Before I was able to convince the Big Guy that there was life outside of Illinois, I remember a bad winter in Chicago. Don't remember the year, but it's hard to forget a total snowfall of 81"!! If you had parked on the street, good luck finding your car! Firemen couldn't fine the hydrants. Side streets were a mess, almost impossible to navigate. Sounds like this is the kind of winter you are having now! Stay warm and SAFE indoors!