Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What I Read #10

Runoff by Mark Coggins: It seems that there was some tampering with the ballots during the mayoral election in San Francisco. Enter PI August Riordan. He is hired by Leonora Lee, the reigning Dragon Lady of Chinatown, who thinks the Chinese candidate, Mr. Chow, should have won. She wants Riordan to find out who is behind the fraud and report back to her.
During his investigation, Riordan is confronted by many obstacles, mostly human, and bodies start piling up. He is assisted by his gay, cross-dressing friend and associate, Chris.
All in all, this was a rollicking, good read. It was funny, and well written. It was my first August Riordan novel, of which there are many. This was #4 in the series. I think I will check in at my local library to another.
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