Monday, February 28, 2011

Face Lift

My friend Curley and her son TallGuy were in to visit today. TallGuy is the prince of all things computer. The poor guy only has dial up at home because they live so far out that any cable network never reaches them and their disc service for high speed is exorbitantly expensive. He brought his laptop, logged in to my wireless and went to town. He created my new blog background, tweeking here and there, fuzzing, changing colors and so on. I had showed him a piece of scrapbooking paper I had that I really liked and he did it. he knew where to go to get all the http stuff and so on and look what happened.
This look is so ME. Music is my passion and red is my favorite color so what more could I ask for. Besides, Curley, TallGuy and I went out for lunch at a local Asian place, and had a good visit. What a nice day.
Thanks Curley for finishing a project for me, and a BIG thank you to TallGuy for the new blog face lift.




Curley said...

Ok, this isn't just because it was my son that helped with that background, but I really like it. It's maybe a little dark in the red department but that could also be the old monitor I'm having to use till we get our flat screen back. All in all, looks great.

Curley said...

Have monitor back and it really made a difference. I just love it. It's you.