Friday, February 25, 2011


Last night the weather man was predicting snow and high winds. Well, I scoffed, yet when I looked outside at 5:03 AM this morning when the phone rang telling us that Kiddo's school was on a two hour delay, I saw that it was indeed snowing and blowing. So, I just turned off the light, rolled over and went back to sleep. Awakening at 9:30am, I noticed that the sun was shining brightly and it was done snowing. When I walked out of my room, I could hear Kiddo talking from the attic. (online with a friend playing a video game..ah the wonders of technology) Alas, the roads were so bad this morning, that school both in the county and in town was canceled.
Kiddo donned his coat and hat and went out and shoveled off the walks for the postman. He came back in rosy cheeked and cold. He said that the wind was ferocious out there. The teaser we had last week was just that. A teaser. I was out running around in a sweat shirt and my old fishing hat. Now, even if I really wanted to go outside, which I don't, I would need ye olde winter coat, hat scarf and boots. Damn Midwest weather.
And to add to my misery, my brother just sent me a note stating that it was 82 at his house yesterday. (And my sister-in-law is skiing in Northern Michigan...she must be nuts!) LOL!
I am going to Texas on the 26th of April and staying a month. I don't care how hot it gets while I am there. I am ready for it!
But, as I sit in my great room looking out, I do have to admit it is beautiful!



Curley said...

They called you at 5a.m.? They didn't call here till 6. Maybe you looked at the clock wrong? And tell your brother we don't want to hear it. Supposed to be 48 on Monday so maybe this stuff won't last long.

Mellodee said...

I certainly hope your brother's forecst is accurate! I'm ready for some shirtsleeves weather!

I have NO interest in ever living in a cold wintry snowy climate EVER again! I've paid my dues!! :)

Jimmie Earl said...

I think I would enjoy a warmer climate too, but my family (except for my brother) is all right here in the same locale, and I have many friends that I can't leave. So, I guess I will stay planted right here in the Midwest. But time off and into the warmer climates is always nice. I want to go to the very south of Florida, Key West, sometime during the winter.
Otherwise, I will just stay in where it's warm for now.